VG-957 Junior Optical Swim Goggle #95790 – Barracuda Swimming

VG-957 Junior Optical Swim Goggle #95790

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  • Compact size for junior faces, suggested for 6~12 year-old children
  • High quality shatter-resistance molded corrective lenses available in corrective diopters: -0.0/ -1.5/ -2.0/ -2.5/ -3.0 for young short-sighted swimmers. (Same diopter for both eyes!) The mirror coating helps reduce glare and reflection of the bright sun. Great for outdoor swimming!
  • Fog-resistance coating for crystal clear vision: you can see clearly underwater and enjoy swimming as long as you want when swimming for training and recreation.
  • Patented honeycomb-structured soft TPR gaskets for comfortable fit: Lightweight honeycomb-structured gaskets provide comfortable fit and leak-proof protection.
  • Adjustable nose-bridge to fit a variety of faces
  • Super soft silicone rubber head strap with easy-to-adjust side clips: The chlorine proof silicone head strap with easy-to-adjust side clips helps hold the goggle in place and offer a quick fit with extra comfort. 
  • Comes with a free carry case! You can keep the goggle from dust and scratches after use.

The VG-957 Junior Swim Goggle comes in a compact size for small faces and provides easy and comfortable fit. There are 5 kinds of step-diopter optical lenses available to make a wearer see better underwater. Lightweight honeycomb-structured seals provide comfortable fit and leak-proof protection. The one-piece nosebridge is adjustable for a customized fit to each individual's unique facial structure. The chlorine proof soft silicone head strap is easy to adjust and holds the goggle in place with extra comfort. Adjusting the strap is easy. Simply grasp the small buckles on each side of the strap, pull away from the frame to tighten or pull toward the frame to loosen the strap.