SHIPPING – Barracuda Swimming


How long does delivery take?

Standard shipping takes 10–30 business days, depending on what you are. if you have any question, please contact us before you place an order. Thank you!

Are you able to guarantee delivery dates?

Generally, we can't guarantee any delivery dates for standard shipping. We're sorry about that. 

Unfortunately, our shipping times are delayed as we deal with the implications from COVID-19. Our shipping speeds continue to take longer than we’d like. We apologize for the delays and truly thank you for your patience. We’re working hard to improve this.

In addition, we’ve seen our entire supply chain impacted: for example, brand partners face similar challenges, which means product is arriving to us later than anticipated, and shipping carriers such as FedEx are experiencing service disruptions.

We’re continuing to work with our logistics partners to locate more physical space and ramp up operations to keep up with demand in this new environment. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve, and if you have any additional questions please reach out to us.