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BOLT MIRROR Swim Goggle #90210

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  • High quality anti-fog polycarbonate MIROR split lenses with UV protection for crystal clear visual field: You can see clearly underwater and be fully aware of your surroundings to enjoy swimming as long as you want while swimming for training and recreation. The mirror coating helps reduce glare and reflection of the bright sun. Great for outdoor swimming!
  • Hydrodynamic and low-profile frame is ideal for racing. Revolutionary split lens design enhances forward vision and allows swimmers to see forward and down without moving their heads. The bottom half of the split lens is angled downward, making it easier for swimmers to look at the end of the pool or the bottom without moving their heads and affecting their body position. With the split lens and minimalist design, the goggle is perfect for practice and competition.
  • Patented TriFusion system gaskets provide positive pressure and confirmable fit. The low-pressure design is meant to reduce goggle marks and damage to under-eye skin. The size of the gaskets is designed to fit snugly inside the eye socket without too much pressure.
  • Flexible chlorine proof silicone double headstrap with easy-to-adjust back clip for fast and comfortable fitting: Stretchy double strap at the back keeps the goggle snug and secure. The adjustment of the goggles is quite effortless. Just pulling two loose ends behind the head to the desired tightness. To loosen, pull the back clip vertically away from the head.
  • 3 size interchangeable nose pieces give you a much greater chance of getting that perfect and comfortable fit. The goggle comes with a free carry case included so that you can keep the goggle from dust and scratches after use to enhance the life of your goggles and also to transport your goggles easily.

The BOLT MIRROR Swim Goggle utilizes the Barracuda patented TriFusion System, also known as Three-Layer Lens system, a proprietary anatomical design to achieve a suction-free fit with incredible comfort. TriFusion is a patented manufacturing process which fuses three distinct plastics and rubber compounds together to create the most comfortable, low volume and leak free swim goggle in the world.

OUTER LAYER: A polycarbonate frame and lens highly polished throughout the curvature for unmatched peripheral vision.

MIDDLE LAYER: A molded, semi-rigid thermoplastic rubber piece with incurvatures angled to match the inner and outer areas of the eye socket.

INNER LAYER: An ultra-soft rubber gasket that molds to the wearer's face, providing ideal fit and comfort.

The BOLT MIRROR Swim Goggle comes with three different sizes of flexible nose bridges. Changing out the nose bridge is an easy step.

Adjusting the strap tightness is easy. Pull both strap ends outward through horizontal openings to desired length. To loosen, pull the back clip vertically away from the head.