RACER Optical Swim Goggle #32295 (Black)

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  • High quality molded prescription lenses with UV protection, available in 14 corrective diopters: -0.0/-1.0/ -1.5/ -2.0/ -2.5/ -3.0/ -3.5/ -4.0/ -4.5/ -5.0/ -5.5/ -6.0/ -7.0/ -8.0 for near-sighted swimmers (Same diopter for both eyes! Customized optical goggles are available. If you have different strengths for two eyes, please specify your diopters in the order.)
  • Durable anti-fog coating for crystal clear vision: you can see clearly underwater and enjoy swimming as long as you want when swimming for training and recreation.
  • Super soft TPR seals for comfortable fit. The goggle comes with a free carry case!
  • Easy to adjust nose bridge system: Interchangeable flexible nose bridges in three sizes! Changing out the nose pieces is so easy through a simple "180° twist-and-pop" replacement process.
  • Simple strap adjustment: Silicone head strap with the easy-to-adjust back clip makes the adjustment very simple. Pull both strap ends outwardly to the desired tightness. To loosen the straps, pull them away from the goggle.

The RACER Goggle is available with various negative diopter lenses to make a wearer see better when swimming for training and recreation. It is equipped with super soft plastic rubber gaskets for leak-proof protection as well as a durable silicone headstrap for a secure fit. State of the art, anti-fog treatment keeps the vision crystal clear for hours of swimming enjoyment.

Customized optical goggles will come with two single diopter lenses and one assembly kit. You will find the instruction leaflet teaching you how to assembly your customized goggle in a few simple steps.