BARRACUDA RX Optical Swim Goggle #92295 (White)

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  • High quality molded prescription lenses with UV protection, available in 13 corrective diopters: -0.0/-1.5/ -2.0/ -2.5/ -3.0/ -3.5/ -4.0/ -4.5/ -5.0/ -5.5/ -6.0/ -7.0/ -8.0 for short-sighted swimmers
  • Durable anti-fog coating for crystal clear vision: you can see clearly underwater and enjoy swimming for training and recreation as long as you want.
  • Super pliable rubber seals for comfortable fit and changeable flexible nosebridges available in three sizes
  • Silicone head strap with easy-adjusting side clips for extra comfort and quick fit
  • Special color suggested for ladies!!! Comes with a free carry case

The BARRACUDA Rx swim goggle is available with negative and positive diopter lenses to make a wearer see better when swimming for training and recreation. It is equipped with super soft plastic rubber gaskets for leak-proof protection as well as a durable silicone split headstrap for a secure fit. State of the art, anti-fog treatment keeps the vision crystal clear for hours of swimming enjoyment.