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  • Can be used for all strokes: excellent all-purpose training paddle for increasing power on all swim strokes. It fits a variety of adults, teens, girls and boys. Great training aid for professional swimmers who wants to maintain and correct freestyle strokes mechanics. It can also help you to work on your technique as well as your arm pull, making you feel much more powerful through the water.
  • Hydrodynamic design helps improve swimming technique and correct stroke mechanics.
  • Contour paddle shape provides a custom and comfortable fit for strength training and conditioning. Hand finds its position naturally.
  • Easy adjustment and fitting: adjustable soft TPR straps around the finger and the wrist to fit for different sizes, providing greater stability for palms when swimming
  • PVC free! Available in 2 sizes (Small: 18 x 12cm; Large: 21 x 14cm) and recommended for beginners to elite swimmers and all strokes

Hand paddles create water resistance so that you have to work harder on your arm pull. This will strengthen all the muscles in your upper body to make you a more powerful swimmer. A secondary purpose of hand paddles is that they help your stroke technique by making you more aware of your arm and hand position and they force your hand to stay straight as it enters the water.

These Maxivictory Hand Paddles are designed with power training in mind. They are a great training aid helping to increase the efficiency of your swimming strokes.

The incredible Maxivictory Hand Paddles have a hydrodynamic shape which works with your swim stroke. The hydrodynamic and ergonomic shape reduces shoulder strain. The features flow lines and an anatomical hand plant. The adjustable tubular hand straps allow for fine adjustment and fit and also for a perfect positioning of the hands. For beginner and advanced swimmers!