KONA81 EAR PLUGS (L) with Storage Case

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  • Made of high quality super soft silicone. Waterproof and chlorine proof!
  • Ergonomic shape fits the outer ear to keep water out of your ear canal without affecting your hearing in water so that you can be fully aware of your surroundings and enjoy swimming safely.
  • Specialized shape prevents the plug being inserted too far into the ear passage.
  • Reusable and hypo-allergenic: Easily removed and cleaned for repeated use to prevent infection
  • Available colors: purple, clear, green, black. Handy storage case included

Barracuda Ear Plugs have been designed to fit in the ear naturally with maximum comfort and safety. The shape prevents the Plug from being inserted too far into the ear canal.


The Ear Plugs are marked with L and R symbols. Holding the stem, place the plug with the flat section toward to inner ear. The Ear Plugs should sit comfortably in the ears. Once inserted your hearing should not be greatly affected.